are the lifeblood of our communities

These 30M+ small businesses create two-thirds of net new jobs and account for 44% of U.S. economic activity, including over $150 BILLION FROM BLACK-OWNED BUSINESSES

Now, in light of COVID-19 and a shifting economy, these disadvantaged businesses are in desperate need of support, resources and a new digital marketplace to navigate the recovery and get back to growth.

The American Dream Fund is fiscally sponsored by the

Goodnation Foundation

The American Dream Fund (ADF) funds critical needs for black-owned businesses to catalyze the recovery from COVID-19 while creating a sustainable ecosystem & program for long-term success.

It's official! We're open for business s


Through Grants and Discounts for Small Businesses

The ADF will provide black-owned small businesses with the capital in the form of cash grants to re-ignite their businesses  


Through Partnerships with Chambers of Commerce 

We partner with Chambers of Commerce to provide educational resources, growth services, networking opportunities and mentorship to small businesses


Through the American Dream Marketplace 

We have developed a digital economic engine: The American Dream Marketplace, a platform for black businesses to get on-line and network, promote their business and access resources   


The American Dream Marketplace is empowering minority-owned businesses, with a focus on black-owned Businesses first, in partnership with Chambers of Commerce Across America

The Program will include a digital platform: The American Dream Marketplace a marketplace and networking platform connecting the Black-Owned Businesses across the United States. 

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The American Dream Marketplace

As part of the ADF program, we have launched The American Dream Marketplace, a platform that facilitates access to support, promotion, networking, and cost-saving opportunities for black-owned small businesses across sectors. 


The American Dream Fund has partnered with The National Black Chamber of Commerce, NBCC and its Federation of Chambers across the United States to create a transformational stimulus program that includes

grants, support, and promotional & savings opportunities for black-owned small businesses.

Our Partners 

Chambers of Commerce with a collective reach of 50K+ Black businesses and growing....
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